Event Request

Thank you for your interest in planning a ministry event. It takes hard work and dedication to plan an event and your church administration appreciates your efforts. Please take a moment to read and fill out this document. This sheet will be of great assistance to your church administration and will speed up your event request approval.

Scheduling events:
All event requests MUST be submitted at least two weeks prior to their intended date. It is advised that ministry leaders plan their events at least one month before their desired date. Please keep in mind that many events require board approval. The church Board meets once a month.

Sign-ups for volunteers, collections of tickets, or event sign-ups must last at least two Sundays for a total of 14 days.

Requesting advertising, media, or announcements for events:
Please fill out the appropriate paperwork for these requests. Click here to finish this step.

Cleaning after events:
Event planners and their volunteers are responsible for cleaning after their event. This includes but is not limited to putting away all equipment, storing any items collected, vacuuming, washing dishes, putting trash into dumpster, cleaning glass surfaces, returning any borrowed tables/chairs/equipment/ to their original places.

All volunteers who work with children must pass a background check. If you plan on using the nursery, or kid’s area, please coordinate with Whitney McDowell.

Money and events:
100% of proceeds collected during an event must go to a ministry, Hartford Assembly of God church, or a combination of both. All proceeds must be collected and turned into Dan Vogt  to be put into the safe same day. Money will there after allocated to the appropriate charity, ministry, or fund by Hartford Assembly of God.

No buying or selling for profit may be done on church grounds.

Speakers and special guest:
Church administration reserves the right to approve or reject any special speakers for any reason. References, such as past sermons, books, websites, must be given to church administration within a reasonable amount of time.

Storing items or donations before or after an event:
Items may only be stored in approved classrooms or storage rooms behind closed doors. No items may be stored in the foyer, kid’s main classroom, or sanctuary at any time.







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