Creative Request


Thank you for your interest in Hartford Assembly of Gods design team’s services. The creative team is excited to work with your ministry to assist you with any creative requests. We ask that you please read and follow these simple guidelines to best assist us in the creation of your project.

Events: All sign up sheets, event advertising, or promotional materials must be created at least 14 days before an event. Please also give the creative team 4 days to create any projects. This means all requests should be submitted 18 days before the event. For large requests that require board approval please keep in mind that the board meets once a month. Please schedule your requests accordingly.

Printing Deadlines:
Items that can not be printed in-house require a minimum of 14 days for printing. Please plan accordingly.

All requests will undergo an approval process with church administration. Certain items can not be displayed without approval. These items include but are not limited to: all displays, hanging items including posters and flyers, large signs.