Hey parents! Ready to drop a TON OF FUN right into your child’s
Then MEGA Sports Camp is right for you!
Hartford Assembly of God in Hartford Wisconsin is offering kids in first through sixth grades one awesome time. We want to give kids the chance to learn more about sports, discover character-building concepts, and have a whole lot of fun.
At MEGA Sports Camp Conquer the Day, kids can choose between
basketball, football, and pom pom. It doesn’t matter if they’ve played all their life or just started yesterday, MEGA Sports Camp helps kids improve their skills. All sorts of drills and practice games will get kids focused on the fundamentals that make athletes great. Plus, MEGA Sports Camp creates a positive and encouraging environment that pumps up their confidence and self-esteem.
Between Sports Sessions, coaches lead in songs and help kids experience inspiring sports and Bible stories to help character-building themes take hold in kids’ hearts. And most importantly, kids will discover God’s great love for them.
So come on over! You can join the MEGA Sports Camp team at Hartford Assembly of God 3170 co Rd K. It starts on July 15th and lasts through July 18th, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm For complete information call  (262) 673-7319. Register for today!

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